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Frequently Asked Questions


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Should I add bar ends to my off-road bike?

Bar ends are a great way to add hand positions to your flat handlebars (we don't recommend adding bar ends to riser bars because risers already offer additional positions). And, if you sometimes experience palm numbness, a symptom of compressing the nerves there caused by holding your hands in one place too long, bar ends often provide the cure (good gloves help, too). Bar ends come in different lengths from short models providing one additional grip, to long versions that can be gripped in two to three spots (the long versions hook inward which means they also offer some hand protection from off-road hazards such as branches, when you're holding onto your regular grips). 

Having additional hand positions also means you can stretch out a bit, lowering your torso to become more aerodynamic, which is helpful when you're bucking a headwind or anytime you're covering a long distance. Bar ends also assist on steep climbs by giving you a hand hold that moves your weight forward to keep the front end from wheelieing and prevent the loss of steering control that results. And bar ends are super for long climbs when you stand to pedal for extended periods because you can hold on with your hands adjacent to the handlebars, a position that's much easier on the wrists. 

To install bar ends, you usually must move your shifters, brake levers and grips inward. We're happy to show you the difference in bar ends, make recommendations and install them.


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